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Participating in the UMB-WESt program in the summer of 2012. Pictured here with Mariela, Sarah and Huntignton



Bachelors Degree from the University of Oregon in environmental geoscience.


Adam is interested in how water and the environment interact. One of the primary mechanisms for this interaction is through water in the near surface soil layer. Adam has recently installed two cosmic ray probes that will be used to measure soil moisture at intermediate scales. He works primarily at two highly instrumented watersheds, one in southern Arizona, and the other in southern New Mexico. Adam is interested in using hydrologic models combined with field observations to understand ecosystem response to changes such as woody plant encroachment.

Current Projects

Pursuing a PhD in the School of Earth and Space Exploration
1. Jornada Experimental Range watershed monitoring
2. Santa RIta Experimental Watershed



Contact Information

Office ISTB4-741
Phone: 480-727-3560