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Undergraduate Courses at ASU:

Hydrology Apparatus for Undergraduate Courses.

There are a number of hydrology-related undergraduate courses at Arizona State University intended to introduce major and non-major students to differing aspects of water in the geological sciences and engineering disciplines. Available courses range from fluid mechanics, to geomorphology, to hydrogeology, taught in the Schools of Earth and Space Exploration, and Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, among others. The following courses have been taught by Prof. Vivoni:

Water Planet (GLG 108/SOS 182): Overview of the processes that control water supply to natural ecosystems and human civilizations. Part I introduces the basic science that helps us understand the water planet, including the hydrologic cycle, glaciers and ice; rivers, oceans, and natural hazards associated with water such as flooding. Part II covers some of the management and resource allocation topics that face humanity today, including droughts, groundwater contamination, conflicts over water, patterns of water use, and effects of global climate change on future water supplies. Uses water issues facing Arizona as examples.

Hydrology (CEE 440/GLG 471/CEE 545): Descriptive and quantitative hydrology; hydrologic cycle, models, and systems. Rain-runoff models. Hydrologic design. Concepts, properties, and basic equations of groundwater flow. Emphasizes quantitative methods.

Graduate Courses at ASU:

Field Visits during Graduate Courses.

Arizona State University has a wealth of graduate courses covering hydrologic science, engineering and sustainability in aspects ranging from groundwater remediation, to water reclamation, to water resources sustainabilty and hydrometeorology. These are offered by the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, School of Earth and Space Exploration and School of Sustainability, among others. The following courses are have been taught by Prof. Vivoni:

Hydrosystems Engineering Seminar (CEE 591): Topical seminar series for Hydrosystems Engineering students and other interested graduate students.

Ecohydrology (GLG 549/CEE 549): Interactions between terrestrial plants and limiting resources in arid and semiarid environments. Temporal and spatial aspects of plant-water relations. Process-oriented discussion and examples using simple and complex numerical models. Experience provided with data analysis and instrumentation.

Advanced Watershed Hydrology (GLG 546/CEE 546): Watershed processes leading to runoff generation and the transformation of meteorological forcing through a hydrologic system. Emphasis on physical mechanisms and their treatment in numerical models. Quantification of uncertainty in hydrological modeling through probabilistic methods. Hands-on experience provided with data analysis and hydrologic models.

Knowledge Mobilization Courses at ASU:

Agricultural Sustainability in North American Deserts

The Knowledge Mobilization Initiative at the ASU Graduate College supports members of the ASU graduate student community in conducting use-forward, impactful research. Through a suite of workshops, tools and hands-on research experiences, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars learn to become more effective and resonant communicators of knowledge. The following learning experience is currently taught at ASU in collaboration with Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora (ITSON) and the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy:

US-Mexico Training in Environment, Agriculture and Management (TEAM, GRD 598): This virtual seminar is being offered in spring, summer and fall 2021 for a group of graduate students at ASU and ITSON using collaborative online international learning (COIL) techniques. Faculty and graduate students will meet and collaborate with management agencies, community groups, and industrial partners on issues of agricultural management, sustainability and resource consumption. Field visits to central Arizona and the Yaqui Valley in Sonora will bring these topics to life. Students will work collaboratively in a variety of media to disseminate their findings.

Other ASU Offerings:

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