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Welcome to Hydrologic Science, Engineering and Sustainability at Arizona State University:

Our research group at Arizona State University studies hydrological processes in natural and urban environments and their interactions with ecological, atmospheric and geomorphic phenomenon. In these pages, you can learn about the current projects in our group, our field and modeling activities, our various group members and how to apply to join our group. We are part of the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE), Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory (GFL) and the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment (SSEBE). Thus, we are integrating scientific, engineering and sustainability principles in water resources. Our students are part of graduate programs in Hydrosystems Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Geological Sciences. Prof. Vivoni is the Specialty Area Coordinator for the Graduate Program in Hydrosystems Engineering in SSEBE. Our group is also part of the ASU Global Drylands Center and Decision Center for a Desert City. For opportunities to conduct graduate research with our group, see Contact

Recent News:

  1. Our research group welcomes Ruby Hurtado as a new MS student beginning in Spring 2022!
  2. Check out the US-Mexico TEAM website at
  3. Congratulations to Eli Perez-Ruiz for defending his PhD dissertation in Geological Sciences!
  4. Congratulations to Zac Keller for defending his MS thesis in Geological Sciences!
  5. Congratulations to Josh Cederstron for defending his MS thesis in Civil & Environmental Engineering!
  6. A new paper has been accepted in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology (Vivoni et al. 2022). Congratulations to the author team!
  7. A new paper has been published in the Journal of the American Water Resources Association (Wang et al. 2021). Congratulations to Zhaocheng and team!
  8. A new paper has been published in Geophysical Research Letters (Ivanov et al. 2021). Congratulations to the co-author team!
  9. A new paper has been published in Hydrological Processes (Vivoni et al. 2021). Congratulations to all!
  10. A new paper has been published in Geophysical Research Letters (Vivoni et al. 2020) and received the AZ Water Quentin Mees Research Award!
  11. NASA highlights ASU project with CAP on Colorado River Basin modeling at NASA Strengthens Our Resilience to Drought
  12. A new ASU video features Prof. Vivoni as an Emerging Leader. See and listen at ASU Celebration 2020
  13. Reforma's Mexico Today features the US-Mexico TEAM project. See at Mexico Today
  14. Public News Service presents research on Colorado River basin. See and listen at PNS
  15. KJZZ Phoenix features our efforts in using Planet Data for detecting arid flows. See and listen at KJZZ
  16. KJZZ Phoenix presents research outcomes from Encanto Park study. See and listen at KJZZ
  17. National Science Foundation features hydrologic research from our Jornada work! See NSF Press Release
  18. Arizona Republic features monsoon hydrology from our research group! See Arizona Republic
  19. AAAS features oasis effect in urban parks from our group efforts! See Eureka Alerts from AAAS
  20. AAAS features global floodplain mapping products from our collaborative work! See Eureka Alerts from AAAS
  21. Physics World features US-Mexico land and water use changes from our group! See Physics World
  22. El Universal newspaper publishes opinion piece on US-Mexico education and relations! See El Universal
  23. Horizontal and ASU Convergence Lab host dialog on Water Issues in Mexico City. See Horizontal
  24. Prof. Vivoni appears on national program in Mexico (TV Azteca ADN40 Noticias) speaking about US-Mexico Border issues. See ADN40 TV Azteca

Regional Focus and Opportunities:

Our group has a regional focus in the southwest US and northern Mexico, in particular with respect to US-Mexico border issues. We also have prior efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean, in particular Mexico, Cuba, Brazil and Puerto Rico. Students from Latin American countries are encouraged to contact us.

Research Areas and Publication Map:

Watershed hydrology; ecohydrology; hydrometeorology; environmental sensor networks; geographical information systems; remote sensing; distributed hydrologic modeling; parallel computing; participatory modeling; decision-making support; climate change and land use impacts; sustainability science.