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Affiliated Researchers:

Dr. Theodore Bohn
Dr. Theodore Bohn, Research Scientist

Graduate Students:

Eric Escoto
Eric Escoto, Ph.D. student, NSF Fellow, SESE
Eli Perez-Ruiz
Eli Perez-Ruiz, Ph.D. candidate, Fulbright Fellow, SESE
Kristen Whitney
Kristen Whitney, Ph.D. candidate, SESE
Zhaocheng Wang
Zhaocheng Wang, Ph.D. student, SSEBE
Mercedes Kindler
Mercedes Kindler, MS student, SSEBE
Zachary Keller
Zachary Keller, M.S. student, SESE
Josh Cederstrom
Josh Cederstrom, M.S. student, SSEBE

Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students:

Group Alumni:

  • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology: Robert Wyckoff (MS, 2007), Alex Rinehart (MS, 2008), Kinwai Tai (MS, 2008), Carlos Aragon (MS, 2008), Luis Mendez-Barroso (MS, 2009), Dr. Hugo Gutierrez-Jurado (PhD, 2011)

  • Arizona State University:
    School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment: Ryan Templeton (MS, 2011), Gretchen Hawkins (MS, 2012), Dr. Hernan Moreno (PhD, 2012), Nicole Pierini (MS, 2013), Thomas Volo (MS, 2013), Cody Anderson (MS, 2013), George Whitten (MSE, 2014), Matthew Hann (MSE, 2014), Dr. Giuseppe Mascaro (Postdoc, 2012-2014), Jorge Cazares-Rodriguez (MS, 2016), Lei Fang (MSE, 2016), Olivia Brancati (Honors, 2016), Vivianna Gamez-Molina (MSE, 2016), Dr. Tiantian Xiang (PhD, 2016), Dr. Nicole Templeton (PhD, 2017), Ivan Lopez-Castrillo (MS, 2017), Manikanteswar Ramineni (MS, 2018), Dr. Ara Ko (PhD, 2018), Elizabeth Rockwell (MS, 2018)

    School of Earth and Space Exploration: Dr. Taufique Mahmood (PhD, 2012), Dr. Agustin Robles-Morua (Postdoc, 2011-2013), Dr. Luis Mendez-Barroso (PhD, 2014), Kristen Whitney (MS, 2015), Dr. Theodore Bohn (Postdoc, 2013-2016), Dr. Vivian Verduzco (Visiting PhD and Research Scientist, 2014-2017), Sarah Khalid (BS, 2017), Dr. Adam Schreiner-McGraw (PhD, 2017)