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Publications in 2022:

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Publications in 2021:

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Publications in 2020:

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Publications in 2019:

[156] Bohn, T.J., and Vivoni, E.R. 2019. MOD-LSP, MODIS-Based Parameters for Hydrologic Modeling of North American Land Cover Change. Scientific Data. 6: 144.

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Publications in 2018:

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Publications in 2017:

[132] Cazares-Rodriguez, J.E., Vivoni, E.R., and Mascaro, G. 2017. Comparison of Two Watershed Models for Addressing Stakeholder Flood Mitigation Strategies: Case Study of Hurricane Alex in Monterrey, México. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. 22(9): 05017018, 1-16.

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Publications in 2016:

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Publications in 2015:

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Publications in 2014:

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