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Originally from Illinois, Ted has lived most of his life on the US West coast (California and Washington) with short stints in Washington, DC and Houston, TX. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics (U.C. Berkeley), a Master’s degree in Seismology (U.C. Berkeley), and a PhD in Hydrology and Water Resources (Civil Engineering; University of Washington). He currently lives in Seattle and commutes to ASU as often as he can.

Research Interests

Large-scale hydrological and biogeochemical modeling, water resources, sustainability, climate impacts, land use/land cover change, remote sensing, the North American monsoon, water vapor transport, ecohydrology, boreal/arctic hydrology, wetland biogeochemistry, global carbon cycle

Current Projects

NSF Science, Engineering and Engineering for Sustainability (SEES) Fellowship: Atmospheric Water Transport from Mexico to the U.S.: A Holistic, Binational Approach to Reducing Vulnerability to the North American Monsoon
This research consists of two parallel activities:

  1. Investigating pathways of monsoonal atmospheric moisture transport within Mexico and to the US, and how land use strategies affect these pathways
  2. Co-developing a decision-support tool with stakeholders on both sides of the US-Mexico border to aid in managing land/water use in light of these moisture pathways

Contact Information

Cell: 206-919-5363
Office: ISTB4-768A
CV: Download Curriculum Vitae
Google Scholar Profile