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Distributed Hydrologic Model:

tRIBS: A Fully Distributed Hydrologic Modeling Platform.

TIN-based Real-time Integrated Basin Simulator (tRIBS)
Subversion Repository for tRIBS

The tRIBS model is a fully-distributed hydrologic model based on a triangulated irregular network (TIN). It has been developed for simulation and forecasting of watershed hydrology using rainfall estimates from gauges, weather radar or numerical weather models. The tRIBS model is capable of simulating basin hydrology continuously while preserving high-resolution data from remote sensing and field measurements.

GIS Algorithms:

TIN-Index Analysis Package (TIAP)

TIAP is a set of Arc/Info AML scripts that facilitate the creation of triangulated irregular network models utilizing concepts of hydrologic similarity and slope preserving criteria. The software package provides various options for the user to generate computationally efficient terrain representations from high resolution DEM products. A direct use of the program is for incorporation of TIN terrain into distributed hydrologic models.

Scripts and Other Resources:

NEXRAD Radar Rainfall Scripts
METIS Parallel Partitioning Scripts
SCE Parameter Optimization Scripts