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Featured News:

September 2012: Dr. Agustin Robles-Morua to become faculty member at the Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora, see Featured Article 9/12
March 2013: Spring time in the Desert: Nolie Pierini's work at the Santa Rita, see Featured Article 3/13
August 2013: Smart water use ideas earn Thomas Volo a research award, see Featured Article 8/13
December 2013: Footprints and Plants: Cody Anderson's work with eddy covariance towers, see Featured Article 12/13
June 2014: Soil Moisture Sensing using Cosmic Rays: Adam Schreiner-McGraw's work in rural and urban areas, see Featured Article 6/14
July 2015: Don't Bust the Crust: Kristen Whitney's efforts on biological soil crusts, see Feature Article 7/15
February 2016: How do we protect cities against hurricanes?: Jorge Cazares-Rodriguez's flood mitigation efforts, see Feature Article 2/16
September 2016: Coupled hydrologic and atmospheric modeling lands Tiantian Xiang job with global leader Arcadis, see Feature Article 9/16
November 2017: Surface-groundwater interactions lead Adam Schreiner-McGraw to University of California, Riverside, see Feature Article 11/17

News Releases:

Innovative Conservation Award to ASU Hydrology Research June 6, 2018
Eli-Perez-Ruiz's Fulbright Research on Ecohydrology in Deserts March 16, 2018
El Monzon de America del Norte: Ciencia que no conoce fronteras February 5, 2018
Second Gathering of ASU-CICESE December 12, 2017
ASU-CICESE Meeting on Borderlands November 9-10, 2017
Ecohydrological role of biological soil crusts in drylands October 19, 2017
Water model project highlights safety and partnerships September 28, 2017
ASU-CICESE Collaboration on Climate Change July 4, 2017
Meet the Chicano/Latino Faculty at Arizona State University April 19, 2017
Hispanic heritage: What does it mean to you? October 14, 2016
Bridging science and policy for better water strategies October 7, 2016
Floating new ideas for water solutions October 6, 2016
The future of water in the Southwest October 5, 2016
Water water everywhere (nor any drop to drink) June 6, 2016
2016 Fulton Faculty Exemplars Award for Prof. Vivoni May 13, 2016
Hermosillo participará en investigación mundial sobre cambio climático April 6, 2016
ASU researchers report on a range of topics at 2016 AAAS conference February 18, 2016
Satellite imagery and models to help secure water resources in the arid Southwest February 17, 2016
Drones give scientists a new self-service approach February 12, 2016
Students strive for deeper understanding of urban desert meteorology September 8, 2015
Program for Transborder Communities helps get research that matters off the ground September 4, 2015
NSF award will expand scope, impact of ASU water research August 21, 2015
Resilient cities: Changing the way we think about urban infrastructure July 21, 2015
NASA Fellowship boosts engineering graduate student’s research project June 26, 2015
Tiantian Xiang wins NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship May 19, 2015
Mobile tower is students’ meteorological research tool February 25, 2015
ASU Fulbright Scholar to study water in Mexico February 2, 2015
Drylands: Desolate, scorched, uninhabitable? Scientists say otherwise NSF Press Release February 2, 2015
ASU hydrologist named Leopold Leadership Fellow January 12, 2015
20 Researchers Selected as 2015 Leopold Leadership Fellows January 12, 2015
Jornada to publish special issue on desertification in dryland landscapes December 31, 2014
New soil moisture sensor tracks drought conditions in Arizona, Mexico June 26, 2014
ASU professor awarded engineering research prize for hydrology work May 27, 2014
Environmental studies student honored as Dean's medalist May 7, 2014
Enrique R. Vivoni Receives the 2014 Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize May, 2014
The Last Drop? Soaking up knowledge to conserve that most precious of resources – water March, 2014
Changing climate in your own backyard March 3, 2014
Tom Volo honored at Engineering Week February 21, 2014
AAAS forum targets Ariz., Colorado River shortages and solutions December 4, 2013
Student's freshwater study garners AAAS top award December 4, 2013
Advancing hydrologic science and engineering - Enrique Vivoni November 26, 2013
Water Research at ASU October, 2013
Students, faculty tackle water issues in Mexico October 9, 2013
Students aid efforts to solve border region's water challenges September 13, 2013
UMB-WEST Expreso Newspaper, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico August 4, 2013
UMB-WEST El Imparcial Newspaper, Hermosillo, Mexico July 30, 2013
CAP Research Award for Thomas Volo July 26, 2013
The Water Cycle: How does Climate Change Impact Natural Land Cover? June 1, 2013
ASU researchers deliver watershed modeling workshop in Mexico April 3, 2013
Grant to help ASU researchers improve soil moisture measurements November 29, 2012
Researchers pioneer game-changing approach for drought monitoring July 19, 2012
Water under the Sonoran summer sun April 26, 2012
Summer research: Geology students, faculty take to the field July 28, 2011
Sonoran summer showers catalyzes cross-border research May 25, 2010
Vivoni studying human impact on Southwest's ecosystems April 23, 2009

Jobs and Opportunities:

Undergraduate opportunities through the Fulton Engineering Undergraduate Research (FURI) program
Undergraduate summer jobs through the UMB Water and Environmental Sustainability Training (WEST) program
Current graduate student opportunities in remote sensing, hydrologic modeling, and decision support, see our Contact page
SESE Exploration Postdoctoral program, see SESE Postdoc Program
Postdoctoral opportunities in water resources and decision support systems through the Decision Center for a Desert City
Postdoctoral opportunities in hydrometeorology and ecohydrology using field and/or modeling tools are available, contact Prof. Vivoni for details.